Christmas is all around – home-made gifts

What kicks off the Christmas season for you?

Aside from binge watching Christmas movies like Love Actually (which is on tonight ๐Ÿ˜‚), home-made Christmas presents are one of our traditions that begins the Christmas season for me.

Cass and I have made these for our loved ones every year since we have been together. This weekend we have started to talk about what to make and give this year. Often we do some testers in the three weeks leading up to when we have to get started.

It takes us about three days – a day to head to the markets to get what we need, we plan recipes with seasonal ingredients so the produce is at it’s best, but also cheap to buy in bulk at the markets, a day to cook, and then half a day or so to label and wrap or box. We like to label with serving suggestions as well as the Crichton’s Co-op name.

I have made a home-made gifts category that has links to what we made last year:ย

  • pistachio amaretti
  • cold brew coffee
  • limencello
  • vanilla infused vodka
  • cumquat brandy
  • cumquat gin

And some recipes that would make good home-made gifts are in there too:

  • pesto
  • pickled rhubarb
  • nasturtium vinegar




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