(banana passionfruit and native) lime rickey

Knock offs? Had a banana passionfruit that was getting a little too on the ripe side, so I came up with this spin on a vodka ime rickey this afternoon:

Serves 2 in tumblers:

1 banana passionfruit

3 Australian native limes (these are like lime caviar)

3 shots of good quality vodka

soda water


Squeeze the pulp of the passionfruit, and remove the pulp from the lime by slicing in halve and running the back of a knife along the flesh, holding the end of the lime with one finger.

Place passionfruit and lime pulp in a cocktail shaker with 3 shots of vodka, and 3 halves of the lime skin. Muddle well.

Add ice and shake.

Fill glasses with ice ready for serving.

Strain equal parts of the vodka mix into the tumblers.

Top with soda water.

You could add a lime slither as well for looks.



I am not a fan of sweet drinks, so you may wish to add some sugar syrup, or muddle caster sugar in with the passion fruit and vodka.

Of course you could do this with Black passion fruit and Tahitian or West Indian limes.



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