(I can’t get no) organisation – on improving blogging

This is no longer the case – I discovered scheduling on WordPress today. This may not be a new feature, and I am fairly new to blogging, so forgive me if you have tuned out here because you already know about it. However, still working on the improving bit of the title.

I don’t see myself as a seasoned blogger, I do have the free version of WordPress as it suits my needs, maybe the schedule button has always been there, but it is now in a convenient spot – you go to publish, and there is a handy little button that lets you schedule. I tried it today. And it worked. The only thing was that I saw emails to moderate links on it a few hours after the schedule and was concerned IF anyone had opened the post and couldn’t access the links – does anyone have a solution?

I may be preempting myself but I think it may help my blogging become more regular. I tend to have an idea I could share, write the posts for it, write down when to post in my blogging book, and then forget about sharing the drafts, or can’t be bothered getting my computer out, and move onto other things. Does anyone else do this?

It also gives me more time to style photographs, and to socialise with other bloggers because I do need to touch base with my followers, people I follow and other new and interesting blogs out there – I could go on – I am excited by this button – but I guess only time will tell if it is actually the catalyst to help me on my way to improving these areas I want to.

Would love to hear your thoughts on improving your blogging and how it is all going for you. And I am going to schedule this for tomorrow morning – because the other cool thing about scheduling is I got to discover some new people by posting at a time I never had before.


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  1. Yes scheduling is a god send! You will be able to have posts up to a month in advance scheduled so you won’t have to worry about blogging at all. I just blog in batches and then schedule the posts out. It will definitely help your blogging become more consistent!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts 😀


  2. I think scheduling is extra good when you are on a vacation or so, but I also use it just to limit myself, I usually read my posts several times before publishing as I find some language mistakes etc. And I like to put a time limit to those checks that oh, 3 hours from now this will be public and if I want to check something I better do that now, then I will have a walk or something and just before publishing, I will read once more with a clearer mind. Also, I have heard that is a nice habit to publish around the same day or time just because if you have any people who like to stop by but are not followers, they know when to check the blog for new posts. I know it is weird to think of it like that. If someone likes my blog why not to follow it to know exactly when I have posted something but my boyfriend is like that with Youtube channels. He checks regularly instead of clicking on the Subscribe button like I do. And I am afraid there are more people like that around.

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    1. Thanks for the info! I found the time limit out the hard way Friday night..I wanted to cook the salmon one more time before I made it live and thought 8pm was plenty of time but started cooking a bit too close to 8pm!🙊 It was a bit frantic at the end but made all the little descriptive changes I needed to and was able to check through!


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