(the spicks) and the perspex – a must have in your kitchen

An idea from my mum when we were renovating our kitchen. Like the blackboard (https://crichtonscoop.wordpress.com/2017/04/04/paint-it-black-kitchen-blackboard/), it is a fab way to write down notes (bills, blogging plans, events etc), particularly things you need from the shops – as you finish food items, you can immediately write down that you need them from the shops – handy I hear you say!

We ordered the perspex from a company in Adelaide and then fit onto the wall with bathroom mirror fixes. Cass also had to carefully drill 4 holes into the perspex. You can also buy perspex sheets from hard ware stores – these also come in bold colours.

Chalk textas or posca pens work best for writing on the perspex. Easy cleaned off with a domestic household spray.


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