paint it black – kitchen blackboard

Looking for a quick way to lift your kitchen? Put a little spring in your kitchen’s step by creating an instant blackboard to record immediate lists (no more forgetting that one thing you just ran out of!) and dinner menus for entertaining.

When we renovated our kitchen 2 years ago, we gave the laminate on the benchtop facing side of the kitchen cavity a lick of black board paint.

Black board paint can be found in most hard ware stores. Just clean well before painting, and follow instructions that come with the tin,

This is handy for everyday notes (bills, blogging notes, events, things you need from the shops) but it also provides a bit of fun as it’s a personal touch to your dinner parties as you can write the menu in a decorative way.

Pictured was our Christmas menu from 2016.



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  1. SammyandSufi says:

    This turned out great, I like that it’s a wall in the kitchen, we removed the walls so we put it in β€œfront” of the kitchen in essence, love it though.

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    1. Yours looks great too! The frame makes it lot more polished! We also have a perspex screen that is screwed into the wall. I have a post ready to publish on that to come in the near future. We did that first but the blackboard was a way of covering ugly beige laminate! Thanks for stopping by! Keen to check out posts on your Cozy Home too 😊


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