soup, soup, a tasty, soup soup …I am gazpacho!

I am a summer soup Oh!

This chilled soup is perfect for hot, summer days, and when you have a lot of tomatoes that need to be eaten! Cass and I often make it for dinner or lunch and make enough to keep in the freezer or take for our work lunch the next day. Making a batch of this also came in handy when he had his wisdom teeth out!

For a starting  canapé at our wedding, Cass’ dad made with vodka added and served in a shot glass with a fresh oyster – gorgeous!



serves 4

vegan and vegetarian

The recipe is from the cook book Moro. I decided to include it on the blog (although I prefer to include our own recipes or ones we have adapted) as it is such a beautifully written and well-organised cook book with a lot of variety and detail in the recipes given. Our copy is a much-loved gift from Cass’ brother and the book would make a thoughtful gift for someone interested in Spanish cuisine and cooking.

3 garlic cloves

1 kg sweet tomatoes. Halved (we have been using Roma cherries of late)

1 green pepper. Seeded, cored and sliced.

¾ cucumber. Peeled and sliced.

2 tbs red onion. Finely grated or diced.

1-2 red chillies. Sliced. (This is an added extra that we sometimes include)

2 handfuls of slightly stale white bread. Remove crusts and roughly crumble.

3 tbs good quality sherry vinegar or red wine vinegar

4 tbs olive oil

salt + freshly ground black pepper


Using a blender or food processor, purée the garlic, vegetables and bread until smooth. Finish by seasoning the soup with the vinegar, salt and pepper.
Put in the fridge for 2 hours to cool.
Check for the balance of vinegar and seasoning once the soup has cooled.
Before serving drizzle over some olive oil and vinegar and sprinkle some freshly ground pepper.



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  1. Louise says:

    Love this recipe and the Mighty Boosh revisited oh chosen one

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