pizza guy #11 – charred brussel sprout and smoked bacon (or haloumi) with crème fraîche and chives

Charred brussel sprout and smoked bacon with crème fraîche and chive
Prepare the brussel and sprouts and bacon while the webber is getting up to temperature.

1 long rash of bacon (smoked if you can) or haloumi for a vegetarian version
3 brussel sprouts
olive oil
crème fraîche
fresh chives. Roughly chopped.


Char the bacon and the brussel sprouts before you cook any pizzas on a griddle. We did this once the webber was lit.

Remove the rind from the bacon and cut into largish chunks – 1 bacon chunk per pizza slice.
Put a couple of tbs of olive oil in a small bowl. Coat in olive oil.
Put the bacon on the griddle pan (which should be cold) and turn up to high. It is best to render the fat from meat in a cold pan to start.

You can add the rind too and eat as a pre-snack when it’s ready.

Meanwhile, wash the brussel sprouts and remove any limp outer leaves. Cut into quarters.
Cook the bacon until nicely charred.

Remove the bacon. As soon as the bacon is removed, toss the brussel sprouts in the olive oil and place them on the griddle.
Take off after about a minute.
Set aside for when you want to cook the pizza.

Top the pizza base with sauce, bacon and brussel sprouts. Cook. Add dollops of crème fraîche just before serving and sprinkle over fresh chives.




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  1. Wow! loving your pizza collection!

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    1. Cheers! In the #9 write up there are links to other creations we had a few months ago too. Although that may be pizza topping idea overload!!

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      1. No such thing as overload toppings on pizza! >.<

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha! This is true! I feel it is a benefit that Cass and I like thin bases with minimal toppings and not too much cheese so there is more room to make many different types in one night!

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