susshidio – sushi 2 ways

Pork, carrot and cucumber and tuna and avocado sushi

This will make 2 rolls of each kind which will serve 4.

I think the title needs explaining – it’s the terribly 80s song – Sussudio by Phil Collins. The sushi is not terribly 80s but sushi did have limited song options I could go with.

Make in time for the rice to cool before rolling out the sushi. Putting it into the fridge once mostly cool (after 20 – 30 minutes) is fine.

Sushi rolling mat

4 nori sheets

2 cups sushi rice. Prepare according to packet, you will need rice wine vinegar – about 1 tbs to a cup of rice.


For the pork sushi:

1 pork medallion. Crumbed:

Chickpea flour

An egg

Panko crumbs


¼ of a continental cucumber. Julienned.

½ a carrot. Julienned.


For the tuna sushi:

1 x 185-200 g can of tuna (we used Sirena tuna chilli with oil). Mix with:

a little less than a 1 tbs soy sauce

a little less than 1 tbs of rice wine vinegar

½ tsp brown sugar

1 tsp of sriracha


1 avocado. Sliced.


For rolling:

½ a line of wasabi. Spread put with teaspoon.

Zig zag a strip of Kewpie mayo.


For serving:

Soy sauce


Cook the rice according to instructions.

Crumb the pork with chickpea flour, egg and then panko crumbs. Shallow fry for about 4 minutes. Leave to cool on paper towels.

Mix the sauces, sugar and vinegar through the tuna. Leave gladwrapped in the fridge until ready to roll out the rolls.

Once the rice has cooled, julienne your cucumber and carrot and slice the avocado.

Lay out your sushi mat. Place a nori sheet on top. Spoon out the rice to cover the whole mat about a 1 cm high.

In the middle, squeeze out ½ a line of wasabi from the left. Spread it across to cover the whole way from left to right.

Squeeze out the Kewpie mayonnaise in a zig zag fashion the whole way from left to right.

Lay out the pork in a straight line. Followed by the carrot and cucumber. Using the mat, roll the sushi out away from you, squeezing slightly to make sure it sticks together.

Follow the same process for the tuna and avocado sushi, but lay out a line of the tuna and top with avocado. Roll as above.

Cut into quarter lengths and serve with soy sauce and wasabi on the side.


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