millions of peaches, peaches for me – a peachy cocktail

A cheeky peachy cocktail for your New Year celebrations.

Serves 2

1 peach (I prefer yellow ones). Halved, stone removed, roughly diced.

1 egg white (about 30 ml)

60 ml good quality white rum

60 ml grand marnier

30 ml vanilla vodka (homemade:

crushed ice


to serve

brandied cumquats ( , or just a cumquat if you don’t have time for these.

Chuck your glasses in the freezer to chill.

Put the roughly diced peach and egg white into a cocktail shaker.

Muddle (I don’t have a muddler, but a clean pestle works a treat).

Add all other ingredients and shake.

Strain into chilled glasses. Due to the diced peaches it does take awhile to strain, so to keep the cocktail chilled add ice to the glass while pouring and/or serve with ice.

Check out the drinks category for more drink ideas to bring in the New Year:


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