coffee & tv – home-made cold brew coffee

This is a smooth and tasty cold brew coffee that you can make at home, and also take in an esky to enjoy camping or on picnics. This also makes a thoughtful gift and we made up bottles to include with our home made Christmas gifts. We did the batch Christmas morning. We are camping at a mate’s place for New Year and are making bottles of theseย to enjoy the morning of New Year’s Day. They will be fine in the esky, and if we are lucky there will be some ice around to serve.

You will need to make a day ahead so the coffee can brew overnight.

Will serve 4 (about half filled glass tumblers with 3 ice cubes per person)

What you need:

  • 700 ml glass bottles and their lids (like the ones used for passata. I buy mine from a large continental deli called Gaganis Bros)
  • Whole coffee beans (although you can add milk, it is best servedย black, so you want to have beans that are good for long blacks, some beans are made more for coffee with milk and so they can be quite bitter when served black. Main brands of coffee I have used with success are Cibo and Vittoria Organic.)
  • Coffee filters
  • Funnel
  • Rubber bands or a fine sieve and string (to help the filters stay in place during the filtering process)

Ground 45 grams of coffee beans coarsely.

Fill the glass bottle with the ground beans. Use a funnel to save any spilling.

Fill almost to the brim with cold water. Put the lid on and turn a few times to move the coffee around.

Leave in the fridge overnight before filtering.

Before you filter, it helps to pour the coffee through a sieve into a jug. Discard the coffee grains. This helps to not use so many filters as you will save filling them with coffee grains. When ready to filter, fit a clean and empty glass bottle, or large jug with a coffee filter. You can either use a rubber band around the filter and the rim, or sit the filter in a fine sieve like the picture below. Tying string to the sieve with a granny knot and holding it around the the jug of the handle helped to level the filter.

This is a slow process, if you pour too much in, the filter will break. Once you have done about three quarters of the bottle,ย you need to change it over; carefully take it off, give a squeeze and discard. Replace with a new one, and keep going until you have emptied the bottle with coffee that needed to be filtered.

Serve on ice. You can add a dash of milk if desired.


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