Christmas is all around

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a post dedicated to Bill Nighy’s Christmas is all around. It’s a tradition between mum and I to watch this movie in the lead up to Christmas and also a tradition of mine to bake a pavlova. And I thought hey, why not put together some dessert recommendations (from pavs to poached pears in mulled wine) and a few side ideas (including crispy roast potatoes) that maybe can become your tradition too. Most recipes I have selected will make sure you have a fuss-free Christmas and enjoy your time in the kitchen before the day.

Pavlovas are great for a crowd as you can easily buy all ingredients beforehand, and make a few bases on Christmas Eve and sort out a no-fuss topping quickly just before you serve.

This pavlova recipe is fail-proof! I have topped it with 2 versions:

Pavlova topped with cream and macerated balsamic strawberries (I hadn’t blogged in awhile when I wrote this post so please scroll down through the explanation if you just want the recipe! Also can be done without the balsamic.

Pavlova topped with cream + fresh strawberries, blueberries and passionfruit pulp. This one is more of a traditional topping. I like the freshness and the no fuss throw it all on approach. Great for serving dessert after having had a few too many champagnes.

For less of a crowd and perhaps a quieter affair or a romantic dinner, check out:

Lavender & yoghurt panna cotta. Will need to be started the day before. A lovely recipe, not complicated to put together but with a grand finish.

Lavender crème brûlée. Will need to be started the day before. Again, a lovely recipe, not complicated to put together but with a grand finish.

Crème renverséeA good spin on a crème caramele – an orange infused cake version.

If you are into mulled wine, this one can be made at the same time – quick, simple and tasty:

Poached pears

For just the booze:

Mulled wine

Mulled cider

For a drink on arrival:

Campari, rose and soda

For dips and a cheese plate to go with your drink:


Basil pesto with almonds


Cheese plate ideas

And some sides for the main event:

Roast potatoes


And, spanakopita has also become a tradition held by Cass’ aunty.


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  1. Louise says:

    It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ☆★☆

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