sly gin – cumquat gin

This is the next in line for a bunch of infused spirits that will make tasty home-made Christmas gifts.

1 kg cumquats

7oo ml gin (we used Gordon’s and this was tasty –Β it wouldn’t be worth using a super good quality gin but you wouldn’t want to use super cheap or it won’t be nice to drink)

1 cup caster sugar

2 x 1 L glass jars or bottles

small glass jars or bottles for presents


Prick the cumquats well with a knife or fine skewer.
Layer the cumquats and sugar.
Pour in the gin. Add water if the cumquats are not covered – just enough to cover them.
Seal jars tightly.
Store in a cool, dark place. Turn jars upside down twice to three times a week until sugar is dissolved.

Organise into small bottles close to Christmas. Add a few cumquats in these too.

Good to drink within 3-4 weeks. Best after 3 months – the sugars will develop so it will become less tart the longer it is left. Cumquats are nice to eat after finishing or you could enjoy them with ice-cream.

Serve a shot over ice topped with soda water. Garnish with fresh mint.


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