Vanilla Morrison – vanilla infused vodka

Will make excellent home-made Christmas presents, as well as a tasty home-made treat. This is part of a few posts on infused spirits you can make at home. Make a few of them to bottle into 60-100 ml bottles as small gifts. Cass and I are making a few different flavours and giving with a 700 ml bottle of home-made cold drip coffee, biscuits, cumquat jam and home-made fruit loaf. I also plan to blog the cold drip coffee in the next fortnight or so.

vanilla infused vodka

2 vanilla beans

700 ml good quality vodka

1 cup water

½ cup caster sugar

A 1.25L jar or bottle for storing until ready

Little bottles (I am using small milk bottles) for gift-giving (60-100 ml in size)



Make a sugar syrup:

In a medium saucepan, heat sugar and water slowly to dissolve the sugar. Turn up to bring to the boil.
Leave to cool.

Putting it together:

When the sugar syrup is cool, pour into your 1.25L jar or bottle.
Split the vanilla beans lengthways and add. Before adding, you could also then cut each half of the vanilla beans to be able to put 1 cut length in each of your little bottles for gifts.
Pour in the vodka.
Seal and give a turn to move the ingredients around.

The rest:

Give the jar a turn every couple of days for the first week.
Using muslin over a jug, strain after a minimum of a month. You can leave the vanilla beans in longer. I personally like to have the drink with the seeds visible.

It is best to drink after about a month – we didn’t wait that long! Organise into small bottles for giving just before Christmas.

Cumquat gin and cumquat brandy to come.



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