aioli day and aioli night – homemade preserved lemon aioli

Preserved lemon aioli

The preserved lemon through the aioli is a nice touch and something different. I really like the taste of the diced bits of the lemon.

2 whole eggs – using whole eggs makes it lighter than just the yolks. But I also make with 1 whole egg and 1 yolk sometimes.

1 med-large clove or 2 if on the small side. Roughly slice if using a stick blender.

1 tsp mustard

2 tbs white or apple cider vinegar

salt and pepper to taste (about ¼ – ½ a teaspoon of each)

2 quarters of preserved lemon. 1 quarter finely sliced, the other diced. Remove the flesh, discard, give a quick wash under cold water, use the rind.

2 cups of rice bran oil (you can use olive oil, I just find the taste of olive oil overpowering in it)


I use a tall jug and stick blender to mix.

Crack the eggs into your jug, bowl or blender. Add the garlic, mustard and vinegar. Give it a little mix with the blender.

Now, with the blender going, slowly pour the oil in. This is what makes it thicken.

Add the sliced quarter of preserved lemon. And salt and pepper to taste. Give one last quick mix.

Add the finely diced preserved lemon. Stir through.



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  1. Louise says:

    Very Kinky!

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