hang me up to dry – dried oregano (rigani)

Dried oregano (rigani)

When your oregano is beginning to go to flower, you can cut back lengths to dry as a whole stem to make dried oregano (rigani) – what you can usually by at Greek speciality stores. Once you have it handy around your house, it becomes a staple cooking herb. Cass and I regularly use it in meals we make from various cuisines. It is a sunny afternoon and with daylight savings in full swing I feel like doing things after work, so I cut back our oregano andΒ hung it up to dry.

You’ll need:

Twine or string
Paper bags
A cool space to hang the oregano in (I hang mine in the kitchen and also on my inside clothes-hanger)

Cut as many stems of fresh oregano. About 20-30 cm lengths.

Organise into bunches of a similar length. About 4-6 stems per bunch.


With string or twine (40-50cm), loosely tie a knot to hold the bunches together. It needs to be loose to allow the oregano to breathe while it dries.

Poke a whole in the middle of the top of the paper bag. Pull the string through, so that the paper bag covers the oregano. This is so dust doesn’t collect on the oregano. I ran out of bags (and they wouldn’t look as nice in a photo). That’s my job for tomorrow. To the right is the dried product.

Tie the ends of the string to something that the oregano bunches can hang from. Leave for 3-4 weeks. Store in an untied plastic bag in the cupboard. Don’t overcrowd the bag with bunches.



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