hack the knife: kitchen organisation #4 storing lids

Storing lids

This is great for keeping your cupboards clear of pot lids – which keeps them neater! I attached the rods to the end of the kitchen cupboards.

Buy the rods from Ikea.

what you need:



Tape measure

Metre ruler


Appropriate screws for where you a securing the rod


Leaving enough space between for the lids that you wish to place, hold the rods against the desired spot and use the level to make sure they are straight.
Measure and mark out this out.
Work out where the screws will need to be drilled. Mark out to make pilot holes.
Make your pilot holes.
Hold the rod in place (or have someone hold for you) and screw in.
Use spray and wipe to rub off any visible pencil marks.
Place lids in desired spot.


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