easy – cheese plate

Mum was coming over this weekend which means cheese and champagne. So to team with our cheese selection, I made some hummus (https://crichtonscoop.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/chicks-on-peas-hummus/) and some flat bread (https://crichtonscoop.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/flat-bottomed-bread/), and we picked up some cheeses. I rolled out the flatbread quite thin (about 1-2mm), this made about 10 small flatbreads. As they were thin, they came out quite crispy. I choose not toΒ use olive oil when cooking them. Sometimes I do.

Some cracker things for a cheese plate:

  • 2-3 cheeses – always a brie and whatever else is going- blue and manchego are tasty
  • thinly sliced apple or pear
  • crusty bread, pita or flat bread to go with the cheese
  • one or a combination of:
    • a dip(s)
    • olives
    • almonds or pistachios
    • quince paste
    • chutney
    • pickled chillies, onions or cucumbers
    • white anchovies
    • smoked salmon or ocean trout or gravlax
    • cold meats
    • dried apricots

The one mum and I devoured was probably good as a starter for 4, but it was our lunch so we enjoyed it as a 2 with some champagne.


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