pineapple head – piña colada

When cooking goes awry – get yourself back on course with a piña colada.

I had a lot of cooking planned for our eating pleasure but also blogging. I had started off by cracking two jars used for preserving and half a dozen eggs. After starting to relax making the preserved lemons and taking some photos, I thought I deserved a piña colada for my efforts! I am not a fan of super sweet alcoholic drinks and this is not a super sweet version of the drink.

Quantities given make enough for one. You will need a blender or a stick blender. Serve in long stemmed glasses.

1 shot of rum (can add 2 + bit a extra ice so it’s not too liquidy)

1.5 shots of coconut milk or coconut cream

130g pineapple. Chopped. Fresh is best.

100g ice (about 4 cubes) crushed. I don’t have an ice crusher and just put the ice in a clean tea towel and crushed with a pestle.

Add ingredients to your blender and blend.

Or, like me, grab a tall jug, add as many times your ingredients (as drinks you need) in (ice last) and use a stick blender to blend. Chuck in the freezer so you can have 1-2 more after your first. This method is also a great way to make piña coladas for many in one go.

Pour into your glasses.



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