hack the knife: kitchen organisation #2 leftover spice and dry store bags

Any large bags of spice or dries can be easily stored away for topping up PCs in the future. This is a good way to store them as they are out of eye sight in a tub so there is no visual mess in the pantry and it is a quick method of knowing when you are officially out of each spice or dry.

what you need:

Large plastic tub

Rubber bands

Post-its or masking tape


Once you have filled a PC with desired ingredient, wrap the bag up in a rubber band. Put the bag in the large plastic tub. Do so for all leftover bags.
On the post-it or masking tape (one piece of tape for each bag) write what is in the plastic tub.
As you finish the bag, cross it off from the post-it or rip off the masking tape label. Add it to your shopping list.
Store the plastic tub in a convenient place – bottom of the pantry, bottom of a closed cupboard for example.

will my spices keep well like this?

I have stored spices like this for 4 years and have never tasted a problem. I do tend to add a little extra spice to recipes from cookbooks as I like bold flavour and I find that when I cook things for the first time most recipes go easy on the various spices.

I rarely do this but you can also dry fry spices before adding to what you are cooking to bring out the flavour.


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