hack the knife: kitchen organisation #1 spices + dry stores

I have had a bit of a blogging hiatus. Work has been busy and I have been cooking too late to take photographs I am happy with. I am currently on holidays and with a clear head I had the idea to post some kitchen organisation Cass and I have done over the 5 years we have lived together.

Storing spices and dry stores

This way of storing spices and dry stores is great for lots of reasons:

  1. It is super easy to get all spices or dry stores you need for a recipe out before you begin and easily put them back without making a mess
  2. You can put ‘like’ things together – I have a spices area, a pulses and grains area and a baking goods area
  3. They store well
  4. They stack evenly so they look neat
  5. You don’t a have a shit-tonne of those little spice jars hanging around
  6. You can buy spice or dry stores in bulk and store (see kitchen organisation #2/5) or in the little bags and refill
  7. You don’t need to spend much to do and you will save money
  8. The way you bulk buy most spice comes in around the size of the plastic containers
  9. It makes shopping super easy as you know what you are out of quickly

what you need:

Plastic containers (PCs) – the Home-brand ones that come in a pack of 25 are great for things where you don’t buy a lot of the ingredient and then the larger Home-brand ones are better where the ingredient is larger (beans) or you use more of it. For flour I buy the deco ones with the blue clips (wait for a sale!) as you can put way more in.

Masking tape (optional)


Buy enough for what you have already and some to spare for future ingredients. Fill PCs with each ingredient and label while you are cleaning the pantry.
Every time you give the pantry a good clean check for what can be stocked from the stockpile (see other blog post kitchen organisation #2/5) or fill as you finish what is in the PC.
Keep PCs handy and anytime you buy a new ingredient that you think you will use a lot put it in a PC and label.
Any ingredient that you need a cooking method for (cous cous for example), cut the directions off the packet and stick in the PC.


will my spices keep well like this?

I have stored spices like this for 4 years (some still from the same stock bags I bought 4 years ago) and have never tasted a problem. I do tend to add a little extra spice to recipes from cookbooks as I like flavour and I find that when I cook things for the first time most recipes go easy on the various spices.

I rarely do this but you can also dry fry spices before adding to what you are cooking to bring out the flavour.


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