poach me

This is Cass’ poached pear recipe. This recipe is a bonus – 2 in 1 products. The leftover poaching syrup can be used as the sweet-spiced flavouring for mulled wine. So you end up with poached pears and mulled wine! – see mulled, mulled wine for method.

The pears are great sliced on top of porridge with honey, ground cinnamon and crushed almonds, or as a quick weeknight dessert with natural yoghurt or icecream. You could even shave dark chocolate over the top. Slices of the poached pear can also be served with crème renversée – see mr. milk blog post.

The pears will last in a container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

If turning into mulled wine after,the recipe will make enough for 750ml of mulled wine.The spices in this recipe are the same as the mulled cider – see mulled davis blog post. If entertaining it would be nice to have the 2 mulled beverages on offer. And then you can use the poached pears within a dessert.

poached pears

4 pears (variety that is good for poaching – I have used packham). Peeled.

¼ bottle of red wine (same one that you wish to use in your mulled wine)

5 cardamom pods. Bruised so seeds are released.

6 all spice berries (pimento)

4 cloves

4 star anise

10 juniper berries

1 cinnamon stick. Snapped in half lengthways.

1 tsp nutmeg. Freshly grated (using a microplane) if possible.

a couple of peels of orange rind

2 tbs brown sugar (may add more depending on your palette)


Add the peeled pears to a medium saucepan. Add the wine. Fill with water until pears are just covered.
Add the other ingredients.

Heat on medium. Once simmering, simmer for 10 minutes. Taste for sugar. Add more if necessary. Keep simmering until pears are tender – another 5-10 minutes. A knife should go through them without too much force. I had a particularly big pear that needed a little longer than the others.
Take the pears out when ready, and cook the syrup down for about 10 minutes more. Taste every so often and take off the heat when you like the taste of the flavour.




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